Kollimaatorsihik DOCTER sight II plus


DOCTER®sight II plus


Hunters, target shooters and authorities around the world appreciate the advantages of this reflex sight. After having been mounted thousands of times and having stood the test of time under extreme conditions, the DOCTER®sight II plus is setting standards.

The DOCTER®sight II plus unites
•Instant readiness for action when the protective cap is removed
•Robust casing made of high-strength steel and hard-anodized aluminium alloys
•Two-lens high-performance optical system with internal reflex coating,
•Precise, infinitely adjustable reticle adjustment without play,
•Automatic control of illuminated dot intensity,
•Anatomically adapted brightness progression of the illuminated dot,
•Low construction height, low weight,
•Easily mounted thanks to a large number of mounting adapters.

Parallax balance:
40 mReticle adjustment range cm/100 m (height x side):
720 x 540Illuminated dot coverage cm/100 m:
10 (at 3.5 MOA) – 20 (at 7.0 MOA)Illuminated dot intensities:
Power supply: 1 x 3 V, CR2032 lithium battery

Dimensions (l x w x h) in cm:
4.6 x 2.54 x 2.37

Weight (g):

Available Options:

MOA Options:

  • 10 (3.5 MOA)
  • 20 (7.0 MOA)

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