Nikko Stirling Diamond 3-12×56 4-Dot RGD


This 30mm scope was designed for European hunters for close to mid range shooting. The Nikko Stirling Diamond 3-12×56 has a large objective lens and certified Japanese lenses will help it excel in low light conditions when stalking at dawn or dusk.

The 30mm tube of the Nikko Stirling is constructed from a one piece body which offers superb strength and a solid platform to stop an recoil issues. Turrets are fast finger adjustable and marked in 1/4 moa click for simple and easy click adjustments. The eyepiece of the Nikko Stirling Diamond 3-12×56 is a key feature of this optic as its speed focusing system allows the user to have the reticle focused and in the correct relationship with the sight picture within seconds of adjusting ensuring you do not miss the shot.

Key Features:

Certified Japanese lenses
CNC machined parts
Optical lens coatings for brightness
Low profile adjustments
Fast finger adjustable dials
Rubber enhanced zoom ring
Speed focused eyepiece
Dark Forest Green enhancements
One-piece body for strength

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